The Inductive Discharge Electronic Ignition

MG CarBoth the Boyer-Bransden MKIII and the Micro Digital are intended primarily for motorcycle use. However the Inductive Discharge Unit which is inexpensive to buy and extremely simple to fit is ideal for anyone wishing to improve the running of older, classic or high mileage cars, or motorcycles, with traditional coil and distributor ignition, 6 or 12 volts, positive or negative earth.

Inductive Discharge Electronic Ignition kitJust four connections and timing worries and sparking at the points are a thing of the past. Points life is extended beyond 30,000 miles and more energy reaches the spark plug for improved combustion and m.p.g. Often the improvement in efficiency is made immediately apparent by an increase in idle speed. This can be corrected by simply turning down the idle adjustment on the carburettor. Normal electronic rev counters are unaffected.

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