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BSA Rocket 3 belonging to the Bransden family

Sponsored racing bikes

Boyer Bransden are proud to sponsor Gary Thwaites from Dave Watson Racing. Pictures courtesy of www.sport-pics.co.uk

Winning at Brands Hatch

Winning at Donington

Winning at Cadwell

Winning at the Danish TT 2010

Racing at Darleymoor

Satisfied customers

I want to say thanks a lot for selling me an electronic ignition of such a high quality! In summer 1985 I installed it instead of the original contacts which causes troubles all the time, and the bike runs and runs and runs... It`s a BSA A65T, 1972, one of the last beezers the company shipped over to Germany. I own the bike since 1976. Heinz Visarius.

Luego Locost with a 1600 Ford Kent Crossflow engine fitted with a Boyer Bransden Rev Limiter (KIT00072) doing a track day at Brands Hatch. Photos courtesy of Tony Harrison:

Some pictures of the bikes owned by Anders Larsson from Sweden all fitted with Boyer ignitions:

The above bike is a Norton ES2, 500 cc, 1962. It's exactly as we could see them late 1962, the only difference is the colour scheme and of course the Boyer system replacing the magneto.

The bike above is a 1961, 650 cc Manxman.. This is a very rare bike, Norton's first 650cc bike. Only 11 of a total batch of 630 were imported to Sweden. The one you see here is exactly as original with all the unique parts such as the red seat, the curious silencer and big bore exhaust pipes, the unique wheel dimension and the colour. What differs from original is that it is modernized with a Boyer system.

Pictured above is a 1969 Commando S 850 cc.

Above is a Norton Dominator De Luxe, 500 cc 1962. The bike is equipped with a complete Boyer system including power box and twin coil outfit bought from Mick Hemming Motorcycles.

Bike: 1966 BSA Victor
Parts Fitted: Micro Power Ignition Kit And Powerbox For 6v to 12v conversion

Bike: 1959 Tiger Cub
Customer: Roy Bailey
Parts Fitted: Micro Power Distributor Single Ignition System and Single Phase Power Box 12v

CPLC racing a Kawasaki Z1000 with a Boyer Bransden Micro Digital Ignition System

Bike: 1966 650 Triumph Bonni
Customer: Ross
Parts Fitted: MKIV Ignition System, Power Box with Lighting Delay and 12v dual output coil running without a battery

Bike: Honda SL125 Scrambler
Customer: Mr Allen
Parts Fitted: Negative Earth Inductive Discharge Unit (KIT00069)

Bike: Suzuki GS1000
Customer: Maurice
Parts Fitted: Electronic Ignition Kit

Bike: 1964 Triumph Tiger Cub (Trials Bike)
Customer: Julie from Leicestershire
Parts Fitted: MKIV Single kit & Single Phase Powerbox

Customer: Ray Harris
Boyer Bransden Ignitions fitted

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